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Automated Pallet Labeling: The Pepperidge Farm® Story

Even though it’s common knowledge that tight logistics can give a company a huge competitive edge in the marketplace, warehouse, inventory and transportation management systems have traditionally operated independently with few system connections between them. As the complexity of operations increases however, more industries are recognizing the need for integrated solutions that can track, sync and report on multiple supply chain functions in a concurrent and effective manner.

The importance of having a palletizing and pallet labeling system that interacts cleanly with the company’s order management or enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is often overlooked in the search for improved logistics. A recent post on Modern Labeling News outlined the importance of “…Getting the Right Label on the Right Pallet at the Right Time” and how errors can adversely affect everything from productivity and profitability down to customer relations. Pallet labeling issues can also severely impede logistical competitiveness.

Pepperidge Farm®, multinational producer of crackers, cookies, breads and cakes, saw a need to simplify and automate the manual process of palletizing and pallet labeling they had been using. They realized that as their company grew, an automated system not only would help them get products more quickly and accurately to market, but that a fully integrated system could increase profitability through better inventory control and more labor-efficient label generation and application, serialization, associative scanning and workflow enforcement. Their existing pallet labeling system not only couldn’t handle the large scale data-manipulation or modern scanning and printing functions required for their expanding company, it could not managing increasing demands for frequent adjustments and reporting required in today’s fast-paced food industry.

To create a smooth, integrated system, they installed new SAP® ERP software that would interact seamlessly with a flexible and feature-rich Packing Execution System/ Pallet Labeling System from Matrix SSI. By tying the case labeling solution to the pallet labeling solution, utilizing the intelligent Matrix software to interface with line devices (PLCs, printer applicators), and incorporating SAP® business intelligence, this system drastically reduced labor costs and virtually eliminated expensive labeling errors.

Why automate your palletizing and pallet labeling?

  • Eliminates finished goods commit errors.
  • Eliminates mislabeled products.
  • Increases inventory accuracy.
  • Substantially reduces labor.

About Pepperidge Farm

Pepperidge Farm, Incorporated exceeded $1 billion in sales in 2001 and ranks in the top 2 percent of brands worldwide in brand equity. From humble beginnings in Margaret Rudkin’s kitchen in 1937, to today’s well-recognized, multinational producer of a wide-range of baked goods, Pepperidge Farm’s commitment to quality has never changed. Visit http://www.pepperidgefarm.comfor more information.


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