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5 Reasons Your Company Needs Integrated Automation Systems

With all the talk about a potential revival in American manufacturing and Forbes magazine reporting in mid-2015 that “Industrial employment has surged over the past five years, with the sector adding some 855,000 new jobs, a 7.5% expansion,” the question as to how modern companies will compete on the global stage is hardly going to be answered anytime soon. But for companies looking to stay in the game in industries like food, beverage, medical devices, plastics and engineered wood products, there’s growing evidence that adding fully integrated automation systems to the manufacturing process can have a huge impact on achieving a strong competitive edge.

What’s the short list of why systems that fully communicate and effectively compile critical data are so important for your company, especially when it comes to the packaging line? We’ve written several articles that explain in depth, but here are the top reasons in a nutshell.

  1. Certainty. You can be certain that important reconciliation of data is happening consistently so that when the need to meet regulatory requirements occurs, it’s done right the first time. Check out our article about Avoiding Costly CAPA Issues with configurable software that creates a cohesive ecosystem that includes key data collection, quality checks and reporting all along the packing line.
  2. Control. An integrated packaging execution system provides significant control by condensing multiple systems into a homogenous and precise process that is easily monitored. Learn more about the effectiveness of packaging execution systems in 5 Reasons You Need a Packaging Execution System.
  3.  Efficiency/Productivity. Keeping your packing line running smoothly is critical to efficiency and overall productivity. Investing in an integrated system that supports accurate data collection, reduces line stops and employee errors, maintains accountability and is easily adjusted according to regulatory, management or product change requirements is a must. Read more about what What Keeps Packing Line Ecosystems Running Efficiently.  
  4. Relevancy. Keep abreast of current consumer demands and trends is a must in today’s competitive environment. Configurable automation can keep you from becoming irrelevant singulair 10 mg.
  5. Compliance. Compliance with regulatory guidelines is critical to keeping your company competitive. Check out several articles we’ve written on Compliance topics in the medical device industry.
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