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Tackling Automated Packaging Line Efficiency

Measuring and improving packaging line efficiency can be a significant challenge of data collection, line stop analysis, scheduling, metrics and managing maintenance and training tasks. Making sure there is a multi-faceted system in place to adequately measure all those elements with a focus on accurate product labeling and track-and-trace can be a valuable investment in long-term profitability.

What is a packaging line ecosystem?
So what is a packaging line ecosystem and what keeps it running efficiently? A packaging line ecosystem is a productized information system that unifies and centralizes packing line processes. Here are the main components to consider:

  • Is your data collection system comprehensive, accurate and well-integrated with every other aspect of the packing line?
  • How well can you identify and analyze line stops? Do you deal with frequent manual line interventions?
  • Can you automatically track products from start to finish?
  • Are your maintenance tasks automatically scheduled?
  • Is employee training adequate and do systems help reduce employee error on the line?
  • Can you configure the system to adapt to frequent regulatory or product changes?

Creating a healthy ecosystem
Poor performance often happens due to the multitude of proprietary systems required to run packaging lines. The installation of a packaging execution system (PES) can help create a healthy and efficient packing line ecosystem that supports accurate data collection, reduces line stops and employee errors, maintains accountability and is easily adjusted according to regulatory, management or product change requirements. Investing in a reliable PES condenses multiple systems into one homogeneous system that can provide the precision and accuracy needed to bring your entire operation to optimum productivity and compliance.

Speak with an industry expert at Matrix SSI for more information about creating an effective packing line ecosystem for your company. We service the following industry verticals: Food, Beverage, Medical, Plastics, Engineered Wood Products, Retail. Visit, (716) 504-9700, for more info.

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