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Staying Relevant—Customized or Configurable Labeling Software?

matrix-ssiAre you a manufacturing company desperately trying to stay ahead of customer information demands and governmental mandates when it comes to product labeling and lot tracking?  If you are considering new or upgraded enterprise labeling software that will handle the immense amounts of dynamic data required in today’s manufacturing environment, several factors are critical to the decision-making process.

Static label applications are not enough for most products. Simple static label printing applications will no longer meet most product customer and governmental mandates in today’s marketplace. Labels now represent actual products and product attributes, as well as act as compliance and lot traceability reporting tools, and should be treated as such. They are a crucial element of increased productivity.

Integrated systems are necessary for efficiency. Integrating the ever-changing marketplace mandates and best manufacturing practices for your unique business into your labeling solutions is a MUST if you want to stay competitive.

Custom software—functionality at the cost of productivity? Custom one-off software that wraps around an off-the-shelf labeling package has increasingly been proven unwieldy, inaccurate and inflexible to constantly changing market requirements. While some might argue that custom software offers much more functionality than configurable software, ending up with a system that is expensive to maintain and creates down-time due to lack of interface with other systems can be a major headache, particularly when you are at the mercy of an external third-party to solve your customized software issues.

Configurable equates to sustainable. The pluses of choosing configurable software that can be managed in-house, fully integrated with all types of hardware and frequently adjusted to support the entire manufacturing ecosystem should be carefully considered when choosing enterprise labeling software. Being able to shift with the rapidly moving manufacturing environment is a sure-fire path towards more sustainable and cost-effective operations.

The added value of reevaluation. Often overlooked, but an equally important benefit to considering a change in your labeling software is the opportunity to reevaluate your operations. If you need a highly-customized solution to fit your process, perhaps it’s your process that needs a bit of scrutiny. Establishing a streamlined and efficient solution to your labeling needs is a crucial step towards a more successful manufacturing business.

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